Tutorial : San Francisco Skyline in Illustrator

Artmobs Magazine  – Tutorial : San Francisco Skyline in Illustrator –  A couple of weeks ago I decided to practice my Illustrator skills to create a simple skyline of San Francisco for a print material I am working on. I loved the style that Ryan Putnam explored on some of his illustrations of city skylines so I decided to give it a try. I have to say, I didn’t have that much fun doing illustrations since I was in high school I think.

So in this short post I will walk you through my basic creative process behind the San Francisco Skyline illustration. I used Adobe Illustration for this project but it can be done with any vector tool.

Step 1 – References

The first step was to get references of some iconic buildings in the San Francisco skyline. San Francisco is a beautiful city and it was very easy to get a few landmarks. The ones I picked was, Transamerica Pyramid, Ferry Building, Embarcadero Center, Alcatraz, Cable Car, the fog and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. Below you can see some references.


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Photo Magic Of Fall Captured By Alex Greenshpun

Artmobs Magazine – Autumn has always been the most magical time of the year for me. All of nature comes alive with golden hues, gentle breezes and the fresh smell of rain.

As to be expected from a child of September, the theme of autumn has found its way into my works as well. In my photographs I look for the quirky and unique and try to share a certain story of the subject. And so, each image you see here has a something to tell, and each photograph is a fairytale of autumn. Enjoy! P.S. You’ll find many more works in the link below. Photo Magic Autumn Of Fall Captured By Alex Greenshpun

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How Do Kissing, Snoring And Other Things Sound In Different Languages

Artmobs Magazine – Some time ago we shared a collection of posters showing “How Animals Sound In Different Languages” by James Chapman. Luckily, this young English artist has much more in store for us! Kissing, eating, snoring and even camera shutters all sound very differently in different languages, but Chapman’s cute posters let us compare how different languages around the world express sounds.

When he’s not creating language comparison posters, Chapman studies towards his physics PhD and works as an illustrator in Manchester. He also runs a great Tumblr featuring the rest of his creations. Check them out to see some more great work! How Do Kissing, Snoring And Other Things Sound In Different Languages


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The Simpsons Springfield llustrations

Artmobs Magazine – Austin-based illustrator and print-maker Tim Doyle first started creating these dark and dismal Simpsons-themed artworks as part of his first UnReal Estate gallery show for Spoke Art in 2012.

His UnReal Estate series re-imagines iconic locations found in the fictional worlds of well-known television shows (including – d’oh! – Springfield, the town where the Simpsons live) and films in pop culture. Since then, Doyle has continued the series with more works for his subsequent 2013 and 2014 editions of UnReal Estate, and all three shows being sold out! Doyle’s dark and disturbing vision shows a derelict Springfield, devoid of life and fallen onto hard times. The eerily post-apocalyptic mood of these works is pretty glorious. The Simpsons Springfield llustrations

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Famouse Buildings’ Illustration

Artmobs Magazine – Famouse Building Illustration - I am an architecture student and made these illustrations of famous (and personal favorite) Buildings of famous architects.

I love mixing different genres of design, so blending graphic design and architecture together was a lot of fun for me. Hope you enjoy my illustrations as well.

famouse buildings' illustration diller-scofidio-renfro
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Rowan Atkinson Inserted into Famous Paintings

Artmobs Magazine – Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean, the actor behind the famously hilarious Mr. Bean and Blackadder characters, has made another foray into the pages of history thanks to caricature artist Rodney Pike. He took some of history’s most famous portraits and jazzed them up by replacing the original subjects’ faces with those of Atkinson’s unforgettable characters.

Artistic purists may not appreciate Pike’s comical work because it’s hard to take the works of Rembrandt van Rijn or Holbein the Younger when the subject’s face has been replaced with a hilariously expressive scowl from Mr. Bean. Obviously, Pike’s work is entirely digital – the original works remain untouched!


Rowan Atkinson mr bean
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Morning Mountains of Tajikistan

Artmobs Magazine – Oleg Grigoryev is a photographer based in Russia who has been travelling all over the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan. While resting from his trip, every morning he will share his view from his tent. It’s such a gorgeous landscape and also gives you the inspiration and envy to explore the beauty of our world.

“here’s a presentation of the beauty of the mountains – the morning views from the tents in places where we had to wake up and meet the dawn.” Morning Views Fann Mountains of Tajikistan by Oleg Grigoryev.

 Oleg Grigoryev photographer Fann Mountains of Tajikistan

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RADA Neon Lights

Artmobs Magazine - Ilove neon light and the light effects that they create. I also wrote a few Photoshop tutorials back in the day showing how to reproduce this kind of effect, nothing as fancy and realistic as the work that RADA put together in Cinema 4D for a personal project inspired by the work of Mathias Nösel. The outcome is quite beautiful and the first time I saw I was sure that it was real neon and not 3d.

For more information and to check out Rada’s full portfolio check out his webiste on Behance Ilove Neon Light

RADA Neon Lights
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2014 LabelExpo America Illustrations

Artmobs Magazine – Brian Miller put together a beautiful series of illustrations for the 2014 LabelExpo America. The style, a kind of vintage-y, mid-century look with an incredible sense of motion. The colors are also spot on and these illustrations are probably some of the coolest I’ve seen in quite a long time.

Here are the final illustrations I did for the 2014 LabelExpo Americas series. The idea was to capture moments outdoor with each character in unique environments defined by the client. I really enjoyed the challenge of exploring and drawing environments which I haven’t tackled before, and was surprised which ones turned out to be my favorite (who knew drawing deserts could be so fun!)

Brian Miller 2014 LabelExpo America Illustrationsdf593612f1
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